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Maharishi International University
 North Campus Ridge
Co-Developed by Vastu Partners LLC and DRB Contracting Inc.

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The North Campus Ridge (NCR) development is organized to repeat the successful strategies used in the North Campus Village. The NCR project adds 37 more Maharishi Vastu townhomes to the campus community. Vastu Partners has assembled the grants and land purchases necessary to create a new vastu community at affordable prices.


The success of the North Campus Village (NCV) created a backlog of interest in MIU campus residential housing that inspired the creation of this new development.


Between 2016 and 2023, Vastu Partners and DRB Contracting built 120 townhomes in the NCV.

  • Approximately 18 million dollars in Maharishi Vastu townhomes

  • Sold out at below-market prices because of

  • 6.1 million dollars in government grants and the efficiencies of production home building. 

  • 60 people on a waiting list.




The site is located on Highway 1, between the North Campus Village and the Jefferson County Trail.


  • $183,000  to $193,000 for a 2 bathroom, 2-3 bedroom, one-story townhome (our Ruby IV design). Garage adds $18,000

  • $129,000 to $145,000 for a 1-2 bedroom one story townhome (Cottage Bungalow) 

($129,500/unit and up (depending on size and location + $17,000 garage)

See the                                      page for elevations and floor plans

Down Payment

  • $ 40,000 for the Ruby IV design

  • $ 30,000 for the Cottage Bungalow design



Vastu Partners will provide the Construction financing. The buyer's 20% down payment is all that is needed until the construction is completed. The remaining 80% is paid at closing. The buyer needs to arrange permanent mortgage financing or provide cash at closing. The 20% down payment paid to Vastu Partners will satisfy the down payment required by most mortgage lenders.

Note: Buyers who want to pay more than the required reservation down payment can receive interest on the extra funds. Also, see Investment Opportunities

Down Payment is paid upfront to reserve a unit

Because the North Campus Ridge pricing is dependent upon government grants, the down payment has to be paid upfront, timed to suit the government grant application process. In the event that the grants are not awarded, the Down Payment will be returned with interest.



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